Don’t just promise ‘Raksha’ but make her feel special with these 10 best Raksha Bandhan gifts

raksha bandhan gifts for sisters

Raksha Bandhan is one jovial festival for siblings to reinstate their faith and love for their first ever partners in crime. Raksha Bandhan or the ‘Bond of security’ as the name suggests, caters to more lively yet personal bonds between brothers and their sisters and it’s not just about a brother’s duty to take good care of his beloved sister. This festival gives out more meaning to simple blood and non blood relations between a man and a woman, where both feel this proactive need to love, fight, argue and care for the other. For some parents, it might be difficult to understand how their children may fight all year long but get most excited as the day of Raksha Bandhan comes. We can care to guess that this is what makes a bond between a brother and his sister so special and unique. They might tease each other, younger one may be the best unpaid slave for the elder one, their ferocious fights can make nearby birds fly, parental comparisons may be annoying competition generators for them, but when it comes to expressing love and possession over the other, any outsider doesn’t have a chance.

Where the entire world is working hard to spread brotherhood all around, it is only in India where we actually have a day just to celebrate the most harmonious bond the roots of which come straight from a common womb.  Brothers on this festival of Raksha Bandhan face all the anxiety to decide a gift for their sisters. Though some prefer money envelopes but won’t it be nice to put in some efforts too?

Here are 10 best raksha bandhan gifts for all your caring sisters!

1. Chocolates – Cadbury celebrations are the cutest ads on rakhi, and many of us prefer gifting our little sisters’ mouthful of delicious chocolates. After all everyone likes chocolates.

2. Dresses – For the fashion divas in your home, trendy dresses can be gifted on this Rakhi. Prefer this option only when you know their taste of style.


3. Books – Some sisters are literature freaks, they love to dive into the fantasy world. For them good books are good to gift.


4. Jewellery– Both artificial and real jewellery pieces are great gifts depending on your savings.


5. Accessories – Any type of accessory can be an excellent gift for your sister. Find out the latest trends and you can purchase accordingly.


6. Mobile – She has an old phone, or her phone is doesn’t suit her style? Just ask which phone brand she likes and surprise her.


7. Electronics– Have a sister who is an excellent homemaker? Then you can help her by giving some hi-tech electronic appliance to make her life easier.


8. Dolls– Little sisters are way too adorable, and for them cute dolls and teddy bears are the best gifts.


9. Gadgets – Some things like Kindle, laptop, tab, are too cool for a rakhi gift if your sister is a hip part of the new techno world.


10. Cash – Last but the most favorite gift of all brothers is Cash. You can just ask what your sister wants and pay for it.




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