10 lessons every ‘desi’ must learn from a ‘videshi’ !

We Indians are after all Indians, and will always be. We Indians are proud of every little thing that we have, and every individual that makes the nation proud. Indians are the most developing people in the world. They are almost everywhere. With more than one million people, we are the best example of unity in diversity. No matter how we are, we are always proud of ourselves. Though no doubt we are developing, there are a lot of things that we individually need to know and implement in our lives. Talking about the most developed countries, the first name that strikes in our mind is no other than America. Not only is that country developed but also the people of US are so developed that they have collectively made it the best place in the world to live. You are probably thinking why are we praising them? The only reason is that there are a few things that we can and must learn from the foreigners. They know how to conduct themselves socially contributing their part towards the development of the country.

Here are the 10 things Indians should learn from foreigners:

  1. Greeting Strangers: we call our guests ‘Atithi Devo bhava’ and yet do not know the basics of greeting someone pleasantly. Not many who visit India return with a happy note on this.
  2. No Impatient Honking: The moment are light signals turn green, even if we are standing like 10 vehicles back, all we know to do is being impatient and blow horns. We need to stop doing it. NOW.
  3. Throwing trash into the bin: But no, we Indians rather practice our sports here. We target the bin from a distance and try our best shot. Got it? Cool. Didn’t get it? Who cares?

  4. Stop Judging people based on their profession: No profession is small or big. Work is work. You cannot judge a person based on what profession he belongs to. That’s absolutely unfair.
  5. Marry your love: Move ahead of the castes and creeds and stop sacrificing your love just because the society didn’t approve of it. Not everyone is blessed with forever love. Cherish what you have.
  6. Stop staring at women/foreigners: Indians in general should have less audacity to lurk over and over again even after getting noticed. It’s shameless for the one who does it and embarrassing for the one at the other end.
  7. Stop being judgemental about homosexuality: it is an individual’s personal choice. India is a democratic country which allows the citizen to do whatever they want. You are no one to pass a comment.
  8. Learn basic movie hall etiquettes: Movie halls, are supposed to be silent with no cries of small children and no ringing phones. People need to learn and understand the basic etiquettes for everyone’s benefit.
  9. Give way to the ambulance: You need to make way to the ambulances when and wherever it comes across. Any work in your life is not important than a person’s life.
  10. Mind your own business: Stop interfering in other’s life. Do not advice people until and unless asked to do so.