10 reasons to never miss out a Punjabi Wedding

things to do in indian wedding

The name ‘Punjabi Wedding’ in itself is enough to convey that it’s going to be a big fat dose of entertainment which will continue like a giant party for seven days.  Punjabi weddings in popular are known for their exaggerated and larger than life celebrations.

Everything at the Punjabi Weddings are ‘king-sized’, be it the daaru ka glass or the aunties flaunting their gold jewelry. So today, let us give you 10 reasons why you should never miss out on a Punjabi Wedding.

1. The Punjabi Dulha:

The poor groom had a lot of dreams of wearing and flaunting his designer sherwani, but the relatives are all here to spoil the look with their ritual of making him wear garlands of currency notes. Groom? Nope, you look more of human money plant.


2. Baarat and the pitiable Ghodi:

Then of course comes the never ending journey of the groom with the relatives to the Bride’s place or the overly decorated marriage garden. The most pitiable creature becomes the innocent ghodi (Mare) who probably wants the world to come to an end with that weight of the groom on her. But the relatives keep dancing with their saanu ki attitude.


3.The famous note ferna:

How could we forget this? The most celebrated ritual at a Punjabi Wedding where all the uncle jis are seen showering currency rupee notes on the dholwalas proving self the richest among the lot. Ahh, the fortunate dholwalas do some extra earning!


4.The entertaining naagin dance:

Another thing to watch out. The drunken mama ji and the sophisticated chachi ji dancing the naagin dance like there is no one watching. While on the other hand everyone is not just enjoing but also wondering where did they learnt this bizarre naagin dance from?

naagin dance

5.The beautiful Punjabi kudiyaan:

The second thing after the baarat that the mundas from the groom’s end look forward to is definitely the beautifully dressed kudiyaan from the Bride’s end dressed in colorful Patiala suits with braided ponytails. The next job the groom friends after dropping him on the stage is to start their sessions of gediyaan around the pretty dancing girls saying, “ye teri bhabi hai”.

things-to-do in indian wedding

6. The never satisfied critics:

No matter what to you do, how well you have organized the wedding, how many type of cuisines you have arranged for the buffet dinner, what daaru brands you have called in, and how well have you dressed your bride daughter, these are the people who would still find something that could have been done in a much better way. They are just never satisfied!


7. Oh yaar, daaru chak!

Men at a Punjabi wedding are like, “dancing done, stage ritual done, dinner almost done, then? Oh where is the daaru yaar?. Punjabis with a glass of daaru in hands are the happiest in the wedding. Not just they will treat themselves but will also make every other person sit with them and drink. After they are drunk, they sure entertain the crowd!


8. Relatives with their patent Agli bari teri hai dialogue

The reason why the youth keeps running away from the relatives at a wedding is this. The always after you relatives are once again set to look for a bride/groom for you as they believe you are the next to get married.


9. The ladkiwala’s favourite rasam

The best part after the stage function is over where everyone more than giving blessings to the couple are excited to be clicked by the photographer, is the jutte lo, pese do rasam, where the groom gets a hole in his pocket but nobody is as happy as his saaliyaan.


10. The future planning

At every Punjabi wedding, you would find a granny figured aunt who would bless the couple with the most repetitive line ever hear, “Dudho nahao, putto phallo” and will silently ask the bride to give her the good news soon. And the bride at this point of time is left with nothing to say.


There can be nothing more lavish and amusing then a Punjabi wedding. Calling a Punjabi friend already? Yeah we know now you will  never miss a chance to attend one.



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