10 worth knowing facts about KUMBH MELA

10 worth knowing facts about KUMBH MELA

Regarding Kumbh Mela, most of us go by the story that this is that place where siblings get lost and then they meet after years in an even more dramatic setting. But Kumbh Mela is much more than just this imagery created by Bollywood films we grew up watching. It is a holy event which celebrates the perfect opportunity for all the people to come and take a dip in the pure waters of three rivers at one place, hoping that they will be sin free again. It’s seen as the most spiritual setting the nature gifts us.

Being the world’s largest gathering of all the bhakts from around the globe, Kumbh Mela is going on in Ujjain from 22 April and will end on 21st of May. This gives us the best opportunity to share some very interesting trivia about this world class event.

  1. ‘Kumbh’ means ‘nectar’.
  2. It happens every three years.10 worth knowing facts about KUMBH MELA
  3. Venue keeps changing between these four places at an interval of 12 years; Haridwar, Nasik, Prayag and Ujjain.
  4. The story of this mela is of the time when the gods used to live on earth. But Sage Durvasa’s curse was weakening them, and demons created havoc in the world.10 worth knowing facts about KUMBH MELA
  5. Lord Brahma advised the gods to churn out the nectar of immortality with the help of the demons. But thedemons got to know of that the gods had planned not to share the nectar with them; they chased them for 12 whole days. During all this time, some of the nectar fell at the four locations mentioned above.
  6. The river waters apparently turn into the same nectar during the time when Kumbh Mela is celebrated.10 worth knowing facts about KUMBH MELA
  7. It is believed by the Hindus that after bathing in the waters of these rivers at one place, you are eternally blessed by the divine power.
  8. Bathing here wash off your sins.10 worth knowing facts about KUMBH MELA
  9. Many holy men from the country come and attend this Mela every year.
  10. It has been 2000 years since the first Kumbh Mela was celebrated.


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