4 men accused of gang rape, killing of Hyderabad veterinarian killed in police crossfire.

Cyberabad police
Police at the scene of crossing firing
Cyberabad police
Police at the scene of crossing firing

All 4 men held accused in the Hyderabad veterinarian’s rape and murder case have been killed in an exchange of fire with police force this morning, police of Hyderabad has conveyed the message.

This incident took place around 6.30 am early morning when the accused were taken to the site of offence for the reconstruction of the scene of the crime as a part of the investigation, a senior police official shared the scenario with the media.

“They (accused) snatched weapons from police and fired on police and tried to escape… police fired in retaliation in which the four accused died,” a senior police official told the press. Two policemen were also injured, he conveyed.

The four accused were shot dead on NH-44 near Hyderabad — the same highway where the charred body of 26-year-old Disha was found.

Some are calling this action of Cyberabad police a speedy justice while some other are raising questions over the extra-judicial killings.

The father and her other daughter was happy with the incident and thanked the police and government for the justice served to them.

“We watched on TV that they were killed in an encounter. We are very happy. Even people are happy. I thank the Telangana government and police for the encounter. I thank everyone who stood by us,” the father told the media.

The young woman’s sister hoped the killings would be a deterrent for others.
“With this incident people should be scared to commit such crimes (against women),” she said.

While some MPs like Jaya Bachchan and Rajyavardhan Rathore supported this act of the police, some other like Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal raised concerns over people losing faith in the judicial system of India. “It is also something to be worried about, the way people have lost their faith in the criminal justice system. Together all the governments will have to take action on how to strengthen criminal justice system,” he told reporters.



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