5 Best Android Apps for the Smartphone!

5 Best Android Apps for the Smartphone!

The smartphone marker has evolved many folds in past 2years, especially with the introduction of Android as a mobile operating system that has affected mobile users positively. As the market is steadily growing with budget Smartphones, almost every individual, be it a housewife, student, businessmen or an office worker, the Smartphone has become a necessity for all of them.

Along with this in recent years Google Play store has also exploded, with propagation of apps that can cater to one’s day-to-day needs. The problem is: there are just too many for any common user; downloading decision would be difficult, even with Editor’s Pick, Featured and Best Selling or Top Free ones.

Even though there are endless download options available, we get you few apps, which will help make your smartphone experience worthwhile.

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides- best app
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The top efficiency collection for Android Smartphone is Google’s own collection. The app has word processor Docs, Spreadsheet editor Sheet and presentation Slides maker. An app that offers tools for inserting tables, images, charts and other complex documents, one can effortlessly switch between desktop and mobile device. Since one edits offline, so need not to worry about losing service. There are over 10 million subscribers of this, which makes it most reliable.


Traffline- best android app
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Are you stuck in a traffic jam on way to office? Well then traffline is best one to keep you away from creepy traffic jams. Traffline is powered by a community of users, who provides live update on traffic in their areas. This makes it real-time traffic map. The app would also provide you a shorter and traffic free path for your respective destination. The app is available in major metros of India, which includes Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Pune, and Hyderabad and has 1million downloads on Google Play store.


Offtime- best app for android
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Offtime, which has been awarded as ‘Best App of – 2014 by Google’, is an app which helps to limit your Smartphone usage. It does so by keeping an eye on the apps you are using, then creates a report to make you recognize the apps that are consuming most of your time. The app has a feature to set time, for which you do not want to get disturbed, say meeting a deadline or you are in ‘Busy Mode’, notifications and calls from the apps authorized app and individuals. This can be a brilliant time-management app, which also gives you a strong reminder on your access of ‘unauthorized’ apps. It has nearly 100 thousand downloads on play store.


Dropbox- best app for smartphones
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Dropbox app on your device is a cloud-based service, which would not only help you find a most secure storage for your important documents, but also helps you to access it from anywhere. The app generally comes with a free space of 5 GB, which is more than enough for storing any types of important files or even photos. One can also store backup files of contact lists. It may also be used for remote application launching and password management for free. Dropbox being one of the major brand in Google apps, has downloads of 100 millions of android users.


AndroMoney- top 5 useful apps
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AndroMoney works as a money management app, available for free on Google Play store. Integrated calculator, cloud storage, syncing with other devices, multiple accounts and password protection are among the prominent feature of this app. The app is a best choice for office workers as it helps in controlling your daily expenses. The creative app has over 1 million downloads on Play Store, making it a trustworthy app especially when, it is about your hard earned money and personal expenses.

These listed apps are available for users at no cost, however one may have to spent few bucks if are subscribing for Pro versions of the App. The above mentioned apps are selected on the grounds of user reliability and usability, if you think that there is something we missed or must add, than you can point that out in comments.



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