5 Simple Tips to Cure the Holi ‘Bhangover’

Bhang (an edible preparation of Canabis sativa) is the showstopper of Holi celebrations in India. This edible herb is prepared with dry cannabis leaf and fruit extracts, Indian spices and milk. We mix it in mouthwatering ‘thandais’, ‘laddus’, pakaudis (salty dumplings) and what not! Since Holi is around the corner, we’ve an excuse to gulp down big shots of ‘Bhang ki Thandai’. Total nirvana, we say!

However, next day, the ‘bhangover’ fizzes out our festive spirits. If you wish to avoid perpetual nausea and headaches a day after Holi, here’s how you can nurse your ‘Bhangover’.

5 Quick Ways to Get Rid of Bhangover

  1. Stay Hydrated

fruit juices
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The best way to get rid of headaches is to rehydrate our body. Since it’s hard to drink so much water in a single go, you can replace it with fresh fruit juices and lemon water. Citrus fruits have high quantities of fructose, Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. They eliminate free radicals that damage skin and cure headaches. Make sure it’s extra chilled!

  1. Have a Steaming Cup of Herbal Tea

Rose tea
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A fresh cup of steaming hot jasmine or rose tea not just relieves headaches, but the antioxidants present in herbal teas unwind tension and counter the ill-effects of bhang. If you feel under the weather, make sure you get an extra cup prepared for the occasion.

  1. Have Proper Food

Source: cheatsheet.com
Source: cheatsheet.com

When you consume alcohol or narcotics on an empty stomach, it hits you very badly. Therefore, it’s best that you have something light before you have bhang. Nutritionists suggest you to avoid deep fried, oily or spicy food because it worsens the hangover. You can have a light salad, fruit chat or porridge to keep headaches in check.

  1. Have a proper 7-hours Long Sleep

Source: Indian Express

The best way to cure headaches and body pain is to sleep it off in a noiseless, comfy room. Sleep relaxes your body and relieves your mind. This way, it’ll be easier for you to get rid of hangover.

  1. Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath
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If nothing works, just fill up your tub or Jacuzzis with warm water, put in a few drops of essential oils and add plenty of bath salts to relieve your headaches and dizziness. It works magic!!!

These are well-tested ways of getting rid of both hangovers as well as bhangovers during Holi.  Do keep them in your mind if you don’t wish to experience a terrible headache.