6 Hair Mistakes that we Frequently Make

Hair, after skin, is probably the most abused part of our body. They sustain damage caused by dangerous UV rays, pollution, dirt and endless chemicals on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if we use the most expensive hair products we often make petty mistakes that cause extreme damage to our hair. In case you’re one of those folks who’re extremely conscious of their hair, here are 6 hair mistakes that you ought to avoid to ensure thick, long and healthy hair.

6 Common Hair Mistakes that will Cost You in Future: Follow these Haircare Tips…

Avoid these Mistakes to prevent hair damage in future!
Avoid these Mistakes to prevent hair damage in future!
  1. Subjecting Wet Hair to Treatments.

Never, I repeat, never ever try to brush, style or blow dry wet hair. Whenever you wash your scalp, just wait for at least 30 minutes or until your hair is semi-dry. Trying physical or chemical treatment on soaking wet hair may end up damaging the roots.

  1. Over-brushing Hair Several Times a Day.

Don’t brush your hair more than twice a day. There should be at least 8-10 hours of gap between your hair brushing sessions. Over-brushing makes your hair weaker. Moreover, it stimulates your scalp that produces excess oils. The end result is grim and greasy hair.

  1. Excess Use of Shampoos and Conditioner.

If you subject your hair to chemicals (present in shampoos) more than twice a week, it strips off natural oils and your hair ends up being dry and damaged. If you’re fond of using condition, make sure you apply it to the ends. Avoid applying on the roots as it’ll make your hair extra oily.

Replace chemicals with natural products for healthy hair.
Replace chemicals with natural products for healthy hair.
  1. Washing Hair with Hot Water

Our hair is protected by the cuticle that protects keratin and natural oils lying underneath. These substances give strength and natural shine to your hair. Hot water removes hair cuticles, which gradually removes its shine.

  1. Tying up Wet Hair.

Wet hair is vulnerable to hair fall. Tying wet hair enhances tension on the strands which causes it to break. If it’s hard to manage wet hair, you can use clips to keep them in place. Just don’t use a hair tie or rubber band!

  1. Not using Hair Protectants.

Hair serums and protectants are essential for hair. Always remember to use them before curling, blow drying, ironing or straightening your hair. It’ll prevent unwanted damage to your scalp.

So, the next time when you try a new hairstyle, make sure that you keep these haircare tips in your mind!