7 Reasons why Indian Armed Forces can beat any army in the World

With the second largest army in the world, Indian Army is on the most terrific armies in the world which are listed among the top armed forces in the universe. While saying this, we are not only calculating the weapons and technology possession of India, rather there are several other factors which makes a military tough. To beat the opponent and handle all the circumstances well to serve the nation in the best possible way and lead to maximum favorable outcomes. Yes, Indian Armed Forces come under this category and following reasons make it the best-armed forces in the world:

  1. Diverse Training Terrains: India is a huge country nd thus, it provides with diverse terrains to the forces where they can learn to fight and handle themselves in every situation. There are rainy, desert, mountainous, marshy, forests etc. terrains where the Armed Forces personals are well-trained to carry out their tasks in all kinds of the terrains.
  2. Best Trainers: Indian Forces are blessed with some excellent training schools and academic trainers who are very well versed with the efficient training of soldiers of all ranks. IMA, Para Training School, OTA, Infantry Training are among the best training schools in the list. They are very efficient is transforming the soldiers into war machines and bring out the best soldier from a normal person.
  3. Their fuel is Motivation: It is known worldwide that motivation is the force that drives Indian Armed Forces. Motivation and their training is something that makes them cross their limits and do something which appears to be impossible to others. The famous Laungewala battle is the best example of it.
  4. Always ahead in helping: Indian Armed forces are ready to help everyone in any situation and this is the thing that makes them best. They come forward to handle internal situations like flood, earthquake, etc along with helping other nations as well like Nepal and Maldives. They are always on the move.
  5. Best Warfare Techniques: The warfare techniques taught to our soldiers are best of its kind and always strength up the battle strategies of the army. Every soldier is best trained for their battalion duty and their respective jobs.
  6. Discipline and Determination: The Indian Armed Forces are famous in the entire world for its discipline. Their level of determination in war, sports, and other fields is incomparable. Indian Armed Forces have raised the name of India in many fields apart from defense and security. They are trained to work hard to achieve their goals.
  7. Previous Success Reports: All the initiatives and respective victory in successful operation, involvement in exercises and humble relations with other nation have made a strong image of our favorite Indian Armed Forces.

It is true that Indian Armed Forces have always stood ahead of the world in protecting our nation and manning our boundaries. They are doing a 5-dimensional job, all day without rest and we all salute them for their elite services to our nation.