8 Body Weight Exercises You can do it in Your Bedroom

8 best bodyweight exercises

We all must be enjoying a busy life schedule, which leaves us empty handed on grounds of fitness and daily workouts. If the case seems to be true in for your life as well, than the following article will not only help you to overcome the situation, along with fitness boost to body ultimately leading to better and healthy life, a one which you always dreamed for.

The coming words will discuss just a 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise five days a week, which can reduce heart disease, improve metal health and even help you do better your work and exams as well. In short these words are useful for all types of individuals.

So here are 8 exercises which will burn your extra calories and spike heart rate, that too in very little space. All you need to focus is time constraints; means complete each move in 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds in between. At the end of all 8 exercises once rest for not more than 3 minutes and repeat those moves minimum 3 times for best results.

High Knees

ohmyindia - High Knees

Run in place, lifting knees above hip level, keeping your hands in front at hip level with palm facing down; now tap your knees on every step. Or if you find the exercise difficult, than you can even pump your arm like jogger, while elbow positioned at 90 degrees.

Butt Kicks

ohmyindia-Butt Kicks

Run in place repeat what have you did with knees, this time kick your heels to your butt on your every walk.

Jump Squats

 Jump Squats

Now stand with feet hip-width apart and toes pointing forward. Sit back into a squat position and drive your body weight onto balls of feet as do before jumping, land swiftly on the balls of feet and bent into full-squat. Do remember that your knees don’t shake as you land. It is not a jumping exercise, although your position resembles the same.

T Push-ups

T Push-ups

There is a little twist introduced to traditional push-ups in the exercise, as you back up, shift your weight on to your right arm and lift your left off the floor and rotate your chest. As you breathe out carefully rotate your chest back to floor. Now repeat the step on your left hand on the floor maintaining perfect balance.

Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber

In this move begin in a high board position, run your legs up to your chest as far as you can. Keep your straight as much as possible, while hands are to be positioned right against your shoulder.

Down Dog to Up Dog (Chatarunga)

Down Dog to Up Dog (Chatarunga)-ohmyindia

If you are familiar with yoga, than this exercise does not requires any explanation, but for those who are not familiar start in a downward dog position, shifting your body weight forward coming to a high plank position. Go down to floor like a push-up, while keeping elbows close to your body, shift to tops of your feet pushing forward facing dog.

Leg Shifts

8 best bodyweight exercises at home

As we move to our seventh exercise, lie your body on the floor facing sky and back press your lower back against ground, you can keep your hands on ground or beside your butts whichever is comfortable. Lift your legs straight up by 90 degrees angle, than lower them down until it goes parallel to floor and avoid legs touching ground while coming down.


best bodyweight exercises

When you are completed with above seven exercises, lie up-side down on the floor and lift your arm above your head keeping legs straight. Repeat the exercise with alternate arm and leg, means with left arm lift your right leg and vice versa.



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