8 symptoms in you which prove that you are an addictive Snapchatter

Snapchat is becoming an essential part of the must-have-app-list for every android as well as iOs user. Chatting and connecting through pictures and interesting filters, is getting all the attention it can. In fact it is the 3rd best app preferred by users to chat and interact. To some extent we can say that Snapchat as an app is addictive. Don’t believe us? Well if you have the creative edge in you and the perfect penchant to be connected with your friends you can start to believe us. Also if you want to know whether your Snapchat addiction is hardcore or just a naïve level of interest in the novel concept this app has, then here are 8 symptoms in you which prove that you are an addictive Snapchatter.

  1. You’ve become a selfie person now
    Like now you like taking endless number of selfies especially through vibrant Snapchat filters. Because everyone knows how they make even lizards look dazzling and cool.
  2. You keep checking for your friends stories
    Snapchat stories have become the best way to find out what’s going on in your friend’s life. Like if anything is not posted Facebook or Instagram, it will definitely be a part of his/her Snapchat story.
  3. You cannot afford to lose the streak between you and besties on Snapchat
    Steak is that number which is displayed in front your friends name with a number next to it. That’s the number of days you guys have been sending continuous snaps to each other and to make the fire symbol into a red heart takes 4 whole weeks.
  4. You check your Snapchat score constantly
    Snapchat score is everything to you and after every new story or a long selfie filled conversation you tend to check it. In fact some people try and check other peoples scores too, just to keep a track you see.
  5. You constantly check for geo tags while travelling

Because the world has to know where the hell you are and what the heck you are doing. Plus geo filters are just the cutest way to tell the world.

  1. You add Snapchat stories just to check who all are looking at them
    Sometimes to know that the person you want your story to be seen by, is seeing it or not. In order to confirm this, you keep adding snap stories and the seen list feature is there to keep a check on the mission you aimed for.
  2. You tend to find snap story material stuff everywhere you go
    A simple classroom, or even an office meeting can be portrayed in an interesting light by you if you are an addictive Snapchatter.
  3. You get irritated by people who send you same stuff they posted as their stories
    isn’t it obvious for people can see your story, then why do some people have to send the same thing individually. Like if it’s way too important for that one person to see it then its fine but just to add onto your score, all this duplicate Snapchatting is seriously annoying.

So, how many of the above Snapchat symptoms do you have in you? If there are more than 5 out of 8 that match your level of Snapchat love then, my friend you are suffering from Snapchat addiction and cure of which has still not been diagnosed.