A look at the new lockdown guidelines released by Indian government

MHA, new lockdown guidelines
Fresh lockdown guidelines has been released by Ministry of Home affairs
MHA, new lockdown guidelines
Fresh lockdown guidelines has been released by Ministry of Home affairs

Union Home ministry of India has released a set of new guidelines that will be followed over the course of extended lockdown till May 3. Prime Minister already told on Tuesday that Indian government will be releasing a new set of guidelines to meet the needs of daily wage workers and labourers.

PM Modi yesterday hinted of lifting harsh measures of lockdown post-April 20 after a fair assessment of a particular area on the basis of the number of cases and the chance of the area becoming the hotspot for the Coronavirus.

Regarding the new guidelines, the MHA has informed that these exceptions will be valid only in accordance with the strict compliance of the provisions of the Disaster Management Act, 2005. The MHA also advised all state governments and union territories to ensure the presence of standard operating procedure(SOP) of social distancing in offices, factories, establishments and workplaces to exempt them from the provisions of a harsh lockdown.

Let’s have a have a look at the institutions that will be functional according to the new guidelines released by the government.

1. All of the medical facilities like Ayush and health infrastructure related works.
2. Trade of cargos via Airways and railways
3. Agriculture and Horticulture related activities.
4. MNREGA related work
5. Financial sector including RBI, bank branches, ATMs and SEBI
6. Oil and gas sector
7. Operations of E-commerce companies
8. Infrastructure projects such as construction of buildings, roads, irrigation projects
9. IT companies but with only 50 percent staff and under strict norms of social distancing
10. Movement of vehicles in case of medical emergency
11. Offices of departments under the government and its subordinates.
12. Offices of state governments, union territories and their subordinates
13. Social sector which includes angadwadis, self care homes and observation homes.
14. Public utility works such as water, sanitation and waste management by municipalties of states and union territories.
15. Common service centres (CSCs) approved by government at gram panchayat level.
16. Postal services along with post offices all across the country
17. Trucks with only two drivers and one helper
18. Truck repair shops and dhabas on highways with regulations of social distancing.
19. Private security services and facilities management services to offer security and management to office complexes.
20. Hotels, homestays, lodges and motels which look to accommodate tourists during this lockdown.
21. Services by electricians, carpenters, mechanics, IT repairs, plumbers, motor mechanics.

Services that will remain suspended till May 3 :

1. Passenger transport by Railways, Airways, buses and metro services in big cities.
2. Inter-state and inter-district movement of people.
3. Industrial and commercial activities apart from mentioned above
4. All of the educational, training and coaching institutions.
5. Cab and taxi services that includes auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws.
6. Hospitality services other than mentioned above.
7. Places of public gatherings such as gyms, malls, cinema halls, sports complexes, entetainment parks
8. Religious or places of worship



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