Accused dies in Kushtagi after collapsing in High Court

accused dies in kushtagi high court
File image of High Court of Karnataka
accused dies in kushtagi high court
File image of High Court of Karnataka

Ganga Kulkarni, one of the accused in the case of fraud filed by film lyricist K. Kalyan, was discovered dead in Kushtagi of Koppal area on Thursday.

She was meeting a few attorneys in the local court according to a situation where she was blamed for gathering cash from jobless youth in Koppal area and outside.

The justice court in Kushtagi had given a capture warrant against Ganga Kulkarni, aka Jyoti, (50) on the charge of cheating jobless youth and for not responding some summons in the past. She should go to court regarding this case on November 3. She had come to meet her legal advisors to get ready for the consultation.

In any case, she fainted before the court building and the police and legal counselors hurried her to a nearby hospital. Specialists attempted to treat her, however she passed on in almost no time. The police presumed that she had consumed poison prior coming to the court.

The case in Kushtagi was one among the numerous that she was confronting.

Then, Kushtagi Police have enrolled an instance of self destruction.

The lady, who hailed from Bagalkot, was needed by the police in four locale.

Mr. Kalyan, whose spouse hails from Belagavi, had denounced so called stargazer Shivanand Wali and his associate Ganga Kulkarni of cheating his family property in the wake of conning his better half and parents in law. He said that Ganga Kulkarni had joined his home in Bengaluru as a cook and had picked up the certainty of his relatives. She had acquainted Wali with them and disclosed to them that he could take care of their issues. This prompted Mr. Kalyan’s significant other and her folks moving back to Belagavi. Mr. Kalyan’s folks in-law moved significant property in Belagavi to the astrologer under unjustifiable impact and extortion, Mr. Kalyan said in his protest to the police a month ago.

The police at that point captured Wali. They framed a group to capture Ganga Kulkarni.

Police Commissioner K. Thiyagarajan sorted out advising for Ms. Kalyan at the city ladies’ helpline. The two families held a progression of gatherings to figure out their disparities.



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