The Aftermath of Anandpal’s Death: Is a Gangster More Precious than State Harmony? The Rajputs Need to Answer!

Flames from Anandpal’s pyre rapidly burn Rajasthan, dividing the state between Rajputs and other communities. 19 days since death, Anandpal’s corpse consigned to flames in a cremation ground in Sanvrad, Nagaur. Regardless, drama and politics over a dead man never seem to end, any sooner. A day after Singh’s last rights, his uncle Amar Singh claimed that cremation took place without his family’s consent.

Even if the viewers believe Amar Singh’s hypothesis for a second, can the family explain the presence of the deceased’s maternal cousin at the cremation ground? Why did Singh’s brother perform the last rights had his family opposed this decision? The bigger question here is why didn’t Anandpal’s family want to perform his last rites? Were politics and publicity more important than the rights of a dead man?

Despite Anandpal being a notorious gangster, as a dead person, his corpse deserves at least some respect on ‘humane’ grounds. Every human being deserves respect in death; it’s their fundamental right. But, Singh’s family stooped to new lows by disregarding this fact and favoring those who wish to build up their political careers on Anandpal’s pyre.

His daughter Charanjeet and Yogita Kanwar Singh are releasing sentimental videos, blackmailing the Rajput community to oppose Anandpal’s ‘alleged’ encounter. Really? They’re the same people who helped him escape from prison. Her eldest daughter Cheenu aka ‘Charanjeet Kanwar’ was a co-ally in Godara’s murder conspiracy. Had Anandpal’s family emotionally blackmailed him to live an upright life, he wouldn’t have met a tragic end today.

Not to mention that Cheenu neither attended his father’s condolence ceremony nor arrived for his cremation because he was busy in releasing inflammatory audios/videos on his father’s alleged ‘encounter.’ What a love! To top it, they’re directly/ indirectly giving hype to the political careers of self-styled leaders like Sukhdev Gogamedi, in the process.

Do they even have a valid reason to request sympathy for their father’s death? Do they even have a reason to demand CBI investigations for Singh’s death? If yes, then so do the victims killed by Anandpal in the past. Why didn’t the Rajputs raise voice against Anandpal when he killed his fellow community members Jeevan Ram Godara and Gopal Phogawat? Was Singh a greater ‘Rajput’ than Godara and Phogawat?

The family trying to draw sympathy for Anandpal’s death is the same that refused to cremate his body. They organized an elaborate condolence meet, following which the aggravated Anandpal Protestants torched police vehicles and misbehaved with female IPS officer Monika Sain. They snatched pistols and wireless sets from the guards and attacked the cops.

Is this what being Rajput is? In past, the Rajputs were known for self-sacrifice, valor, upholding the respect of their women, and communities. Nonetheless, now, being Rajput is synonymous with ego, false pride and communalism. Anandpal’s death is a mockery of Rajputana pride. It highlights the sad, pitiable face of a biased community, fighting for its ego rather than a positive change.