AIIMS Surgeons Are Operating Neurological Disorders With The Brain Robot

Sumeet Mukharjee a 23 years old was suffering from severe epileptic seizures from 10 years, which never allowed  him a sound sleep. Medicines had a rare effect on his symptoms and he could not go through a surgery because no abnormality was shown in MRI.

Recently, a new machine called The brain robot has been installed at AIIMS which came as rescue for such cases. The robot will help neurosurgeons to spot a precise location, so that eletrodes could be implanted to pick up electrically transmitted signals. This is done mainly to recognize the focus area and remove it. Resultantly, Mukherjee is free from seizures now.

Mukherjee is not the only person who got benefit of robot-driven surgery. In past nine months, more than 60 patients of different neurological disorders, mainly including epilepsy and pituitary tumour got treatment at AIIMS and got out of their arduous journey  with the help of this modern technology.


Till now, robots have been in use for gynaecological, urological and cardiac problems, this is very first time they are in use for brain surgeries which are considered as most complex.

Dr. B S Sharma (Head of the neurosurgery department of AIIMS) said, “Brain controls the whole body — from movement of arms to vision and senses. A millimetre’s difference during a surgery can cause serious damage. These robot act as a reliable assistant. In case of patients with pitutary tumours, they act as a stable hand to hold the endoscope for hours while the surgeon operates to remove it”.

Dr. Manjari Tripati, who is a neurologist at AIIMS mentioned that. in past also they have witnessed several epilepsies, in which MRI reports were completely normal. She remarked that, those cases can draw great benefits from brain robot assistance.

In other countries like US and UK, his robotic technology is used to treat Parkinson’s patients and also severely suffering brain tumour patients.