Air Asia Big Sale: Base fare is Rs 99 for domestic travel

Air asia

If somebody says that you can travel by air in just ₹ 99 then you won’t accept it. In fact, you would feel that person is joking with you. It may seem false but it is true as Air Asia is offering low base fare as ₹ 99. It is offering heavy discounts on its flight tickets not only for domestic but also for international routes too. It is a Big Sale offer by AirAsia which is valid till 19 November.

Under this, domestic flights are available at base fare of Rs 99 while for international flights it is Rs 444 base fare. This scheme is applicable to travel from May 7, 2018 to January 31, 2019.

One thing to be kept in mind is that the fares offered in the Big Sale are for selected routes. However, it is not clearly specified that about number of seats available in each flight under Big Sale offer. The information can be picked up for the about remaining seats valid under the offer from website.

Air asia
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The reason behind rolling put this offer is discount war in the aviation sector. When you book your ticket then be clear that Rs 99 figure is only the base fare and not the all inclusive fare.

AirAsia India managing director and chief executive officer Amar Abrol said, “With base fares from as low as Rs 99 for travel next year, you can make use of this promo…We hope hope the partnerships that we have got into for this promotion will enable you to plan your holiday better.”



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