An accidental discovery that may aid in cancer cure

Scientists, while undergoing their development process stumbled upon something at a point where they found the vaccine that is a malaria prevention may have side effects on eradicating cancerous tumors. The recent study which took place by Danish scientists for the research that aimed for developing a vaccine that could aid pregnant woman from disastrous effects of malaria. The vaccine so developed could cause huge problems for pregnant woman as it directly attacks the placenta, but the accidental formula that was found could actually help in relieving the cancer tumors.

The scientists bumped on to that armed malaria proteins can attack cancer too, and it could be significant help in curing the diabolic disease of cancer.

Cure for cancer might accidentally have been found

The global alarming rate of deaths because of cancer is laddering up and this could be one accident that may be forgiven. As said by the “the process has already been tested in cells – and on mice with cancer. The findings are described in a new article for the journal Cancer Cell, and scientists hope that they can begin testing the discovery on humans in the next four years.”

As it was discovered by the Danish scientists during their research that the malaria protein attaches itself to the same carbohydrate in both the cases. It is the similarities between those two things that the cure could exploit, reports Independent.

This accidental result during their approach to found a malaria immunization may actually deliver results to cure cancer, if it is so then it could be a big boon to aid the society where every year a countless no. of deaths are recorded by cancer.

However, it will be at least four years before the treatment will be available for human testing, and researchers are hopeful it’ll be a significant step forward in cancer treatment research.