Anamika Majumdar from Jamshedpur is KBC Season 9’s first Crorepati

Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 9 that airs on Sony TV has already got its first Crorepati. The millionaire contestant named Anamika Majumdar, aged 41 belongs to Jamshedpur. She is the first person of KBC Season 9 to have won whopping 1 Crore in the show.

Majumdar is a social worker and has been associated with an NGO called FAITH in India- Female Aura Initiated Towards Hope. The organization works for the betterment of women and children residing in the rural areas.

Anamika Majumdar Won 1 Crore on KBC Season 9
Anamika Majumdar on KBC Season 9 (Image Courtesy: worldnow)

Reportedly, Anamika teaches the slum children as well as her children because of which she has always been able to stay in touch with the current affairs. Due to her teaching practices, she was able to keep herself well-informed about the general knowledge topics.

Interestingly, she couldn’t find the spot to the hot seat as she didn’t answer the fastest-finger-first question correctly. However, as her fate was on her side, she got the other answer correct and made way to the hot seat.

Once she got the hot seat, it was an interesting series of questions and answers. Using her wit and patience, she was able to think through most of the questions and answered accordingly. In fact, when she reached the 1 Crore question, there weren’t any lifelines left. But instead of quitting, she gave it a lot of thought and finally succeeded.

The winning question of KBC Season 9:

KBC Season 9 1-Crore Question
Question worth 1 Crore (Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times)

She chose option D which turned out to be the correct answer. After winning the 1 Crore amount, she was asked the final question.

The last question of KBC Season 9:

KBC Season 9: 7-Crore Question
Question worth 7 Crores (Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times)

However, this time she didn’t know the answer and decided to quit. Before quitting she was asked to take a guess and she chose option c, however, the correct option was option D.

Anamika stated that she intends to use the money to extend help to people. Instead of spending it on herself, she wishes to use the prize money for social work.