Anand Pal’s Death case – statements claim the gangster was killed in retaliatory fire

The body of the gangster became a reason of unnecessary drama and propaganda. The entire drama surrounding the refusal to cremate the body of the gangster by his family and calling the villagers for a tribute rally was only to put pressure on the government. This aimless and destructive idea of holding rallies not only disrupted the peace but also a bad example for the youth.

Anand pal’s daughter Chinu hatched an emotional conspiracy just to raise violence amid the whole community and provoking the Rajput community. As a result, the Rajput community protested in several parts of Rajasthan, blocking highways and indulged in arson in Shekhawati, Marwar, Alwar, and Nagaur.

People today need to accept the bitter truth that Anandpal was not’Robinhood’ or a noble person, but an evil criminal. By supporting criminals like Anandpal people are putting up a wrong example before the youths.

According to the officials, the team called out for Anandpal to surrender but the only response they got from his end was gunfire.  ADGP (crime) Pankaj Singh and ADGP (law and order) NRK Reddy in their statements claimed that the police have eight independent witnesses in the case to confirm how the police kept asking the gangster to surrender and how the fugitive went on firing without paying heed. Be it Shrawan Singh and his family, who had given shelter to the gangster or his brothers who were present at the spot, nobody denies the fact that Anandpal was continuously asked to surrender but he got punished for all his misdeeds, which is the fate of the wrong doers.

Anand pal’s family and supporters must understand that it wasn’t the government or the police that caused his death.  The fact that no counter narrative has come up is enough to suggest that the encounter was genuine and the gangster was killed in retaliatory fire.

Thus regardless of whether a criminal is a Muslim, Hindu or a Rajput, a criminal must and shall be penalized for his misdeeds and all the wrongdoings. Crime has no race, caste or religion and AnandPal was no exception to it.  There is no religion in violence. When you take a life you are a killer. It will be called as it is and nothing else.