Anand Pal’s farmhouse not less than any old unity fort

Anandpal was a person who would commit the most heinous crimes for petty reasons. The slain gangster had created an empire of crime and indulged in torturing his victims for extortion and shooting policemen. As in life, gangster Anandpal Singh continues to make news even after death.


The mortal remains of the dead gangster were finally consigned to flames at the Sanvrad village in Nagaur district. The cremation rituals took place 20 days after the death of the brutal murderer as Anand pal’s family had frozen his body, while they were busy demanding a CBI investigation into this matter.

A few days after the cremation of Anand pal’s body when the police inspected one of India’s most wanted criminals hideout at Ladnun they found the most unimaginable things.  Whatever they have found there tells us the cruel story of him.


According to the ADG NRK Reddy, the police men were shocked to discover that the farmhouse was nothing less than a “torture chamber”.  This was the house where the gangster along with his gang used to execute the plans of every crime and murders. It was also a hideout place for him and his crime operators.

When the team of police reached the farm house of the most dreaded criminal they found an iron cage and several private lockups where Anandpal used to captivate kidnapped people so that they could not run. He used to tie the prisoners inside these shallow lockups which were full of numerous bats.  There were also some places at the first and the second floor of the building where the gang of Anandpal could hide and take a position in case of firing.


There was also a special pipe through which a person sitting on the terrace could easily send messages, mobile and other things to the person sitting in the basement of the house.

It was the same place where the gangster executed the horrifying plan of Jeevan Godara murder case and all the culprits related to the case hid in the same house after murdering him.

Apart from this police also found a TV, set top box, steel cupboard, iron rods and a large number of beds.

Now with all these proofs, we hope it helps the police to make this case much stronger.


There is no religion in violence. When you take a life you are a killer. Not a Hindu or a Muslim or a minority sector.  We must revisit our laws and whip them into the 21st century. A murder in cold blood by knife, gun, stone, hands rope or any other instrument is only murder and the one who kills is only a murderer.  Thus from all appearances, crime has no race, caste or religion.