Arunachal Dweller Faces Brutal Racial Attack In Bengaluru

As if the recent eve teasing case was not enough to stir the nation that now a youth from Arunachal Pradesh got admitted to hospital in Bengaluru for he became the victim of racial attack case. The victim is under serious medical condition and the Arunachal Pradesh MLA is in conversation with the authorities of Bengaluru.

The boy named, Khuadun Khangham was a worker in a restaurant in the southern city and faced mistreatment from the culprits. He was brutally assaulted and thrown out of the mobile vehicle on the date of January 7, 2017.

The person is 25 year old and hails from a village named Ozakho which comes under Kanubari sub division of the district named Longding. As per the statements of the MLA, Gabriel Denwang Wangsu, the person was admitted in the hospital in a very pathetic condition and was initially presumed as one of those hit and run cases.

After running a thorough investigation, it appeared that Khagnam was hurled out of the moving vehicle after attacking him brutally. Wangsu promptly mentioned that it was not mere an accident but an attack. He labelled it as “murderous attack, racial attack”.

Wangsu also mentioned that the matter has been escalated to Delhi Police IGP, Robin Hibu who is also from North East region. He was requested to   to speak to Karnataka authorities. Wangsu has also revealed that, Karnataka police have gestured it as a case of assault and CCTV footage were also scanned. He mentioned that, “The case has been prioritised by the police and a senior police officer visited the patient today”. Wangsu spoke about requesting the state Chief Minister Khandu to discuss the issue with Karnataka counterpart. Further, he added that, North East students of Bengaluru would discuss it with the police authorities and help in sorting out the matter.

Wangsu has also urged the state folks to extend their helping hand in financially assisting for the treatment of Khangham as he belongs to a financially weaker section of the society.