As protests outside ICAI offices rages, Rahul Gandhi comes out in support of the students

Rahul Gandhi, ICAI
File image of former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi, ICAI
File image of former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

A large number of students of the Chartered Accountants (CA) course have been protesting against the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI) over the period of 5-6 days. These protests are getting more and more vocal at most of the ICAI branches across India.

The main reason for these protests is the presentation of reform explaining the procedure of these institutions when they evaluate the exam papers. Students expressed their anguish by describing how all their efforts and years of preparation have gone to dust because of the faulty system of ICAI.

Students have been demanding a reform related to ICAI blinders since December 2018 and this news caught fire last week when the ICAI released ‘Suggested Answers’ to the May 2019 exam. When these answers were compared by some students with their answer sheets, obtained under the Right to Information Act, many discrepancies in evaluation were noticed.

They found that some of the correct answers were not awarded any marks, and in some cases the total marks in answer sheets differed to those on mark sheets.

Recently former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi came out in support of these students and spoke about how the student’s demand of re-evaluation of answer sheets is valid and this protest should be supported by all the political parties.

In a tweet, Gandhi said, “Across India 12 Lakh CA students are fighting for their right to have their exam papers re-evaluated by ICAI”.

“Given the widespread reports of errors in the evaluation of answer sheets, this demand is justified and should be supported by all political parties,” he tweeted using the hashtag “dearicaiplschange”.



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