Beer ban in FIFA World Cup stadiums, President quotes that we can live without beer for 3 hours

Qatar is hosting The World Cup 2022 and they have banned the sale of beer at the World Cup stadiums on November 18. Qatar has put strict restrictions on the purchase and consumption of alcohol in the stadium areas.

On this FIFA President Gianni Infantino stated that the world football body “tried until the end” to see if it was possible to allow beer in the stadiums for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. But the decision is jointly made by Qatar officials and the FIFA. Further adding to his statement he said that people can survive with alcohol and enjoy their game peacefully and with full enjoy.

However, spectators can enjoy beer in the evenings in the “FIFA Fan Festival”, which is a designated party area that offers live music and activities for them. The FIFA World Cup will begin on November 20, in Qatar with Ecuador as their curtain raiser. The opening ceremony will take place ahead of the Group a match in Al Bayt stadium