Beetroot is quintessentially healthy and Mira Kapoor thanks it for her happy pregnancy

The much popular celebrity wife Mira Kapoor has revealed her secret of living a healthy mother life and it is nothing but Beetroot juice. The pregnancy woes can be ruled out by a good intake of Beetroot tea. And here’s why!


Beetroot is a great detoxifier. It removes all toxins from the body and purifies it. Hence, this acts as a purifier as well.

Rich in Antioxidants

Additionally, it also has a high quotient of anti-oxidants. It protects the artery walls and also saves the drinker from heart disease and stroke.

Contains Folic Acid

Beetroot juice helps in the development of the fetus as it contains folic acid. The folic acid also helps maintain a good hemoglobin level in the body.


The beetroot helps in keeping infections, allergies away. Because the body undergoes many changes during pregnancy, the body might develop allergies to different things.

Vitamin C

Beetroot tea is a good source of Vitamin C. Hence, it has benefits galore to offer to you, while you are pregnant.

Even when you are not pregnant, you could consider the intake of beetroot. This will help you detoxify and give you a sheen on the face. The beetroot juice is also a good way of consuming beetroot. To cancel out the earthy/ bitter flavor of beetroot, you could add pomegranate juice and give it a tasty twist.

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Kapoor have been in the limelight ever since they made the announcement of their second baby. The couple has been giving major couple goals to all young couples and why not? They have set the temperatures soaring, while not letting their relationship getting swayed by the fancy glitzy world outside.

We wish the couple happy pre-birth celebrations until October and a super healthy baby.



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