‘Begged Prithvi Shaw Who Was Drunk’: Influencer Sapna Gill, Out On Bail, Complains

Prithvi Shaw, Sapna Gill
Sapna Gill has been arrested for attacking Indian Cricketer Prithvi Shaw
Prithvi Shaw, Sapna Gill
Sapna Gill has been arrested for attacking Indian Cricketer Prithvi Shaw

Sapna Gill, a social media influencer, has filed an application with a Mumbai police station to register a FIR against Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw and others for allegedly insulting her modesty.

Ms Gill, who was arrested last week along with others in connection with an attack on Mr Shaw at a suburban hotel after an argument over selfies, was released on bail by a magistrate court on Monday.

Her application, filed on Monday at the Airport police station in Andheri through her lawyer Kaashif Ali Khan, seeks an FIR against Mr Shaw, his friend Ashish Yadav, and others for alleged molestation and outraging modesty.

According to Ms Gill’s application, she and her friend Shobhit Thakur are regulars at the upmarket club, where the latter spotted Mr Shaw, who was allegedly drunk and partying with friends.

Mr Thakur, a cricket fan, approached Mr Shaw for a selfie, which was met with hostility, according to the application.

“Thakur, who is only a teenager, was unaware of the drunken mob’s brutality. Thakur was defenceless and couldn’t defend himself. As a result, she (Gill) intervened and entered the fray in an attempt to prevent Shaw and others from further harming and injuring Thakur “according to the application.

Ms Gill was also said to have begged and pleaded with Mr Shaw, who was “inebriated” at the time.

Mr Gill’s application claimed that Mr Shaw violated her modesty, an offence punishable under Indian Penal Code Section 354 (molestation) and other provisions.

Mr Shaw was allegedly assaulted and his car was attacked with a baseball bat following a fight that began in the luxury hotel in the early hours of February 15 over selfies.

According to police, while Ms Gill was arrested on February 16, Mr Thakur (19) was arrested on February 18.

Oshiwara police charged eight people in connection with the incident with rioting, assault, putting a person in fear of death or grievous harm in order to commit extortion, criminal intimidation, and other offences after receiving a complaint from Shaw’s friend Ashish Yadav.