Best Memes of 2016: Funniest Trends that Had us Rolling in Laughter

Unless you were a Canadian musician, a soulless demagogue who surprised the world with his massive victory or an eccentric Prime Minister who scrapped out notes, just because he wanted to, 2016 was a horrendous year. Well, for most of us, at least. The social media became a wasteland with never-ending political debates and senseless jibes. In a world full of political howls, racist grandpas and a drunken bunch of teenagers, there was one thing that saved the day– memes.

Gone are the days of Santa-Banta and Acid Aunty, we Indians have devised a ‘desi’ bunch of memes with random pictures and real-life incidents. Needless to say, these memes became the hottest trends of this year. 2017 has almost arrived and we’re are useless as ever. Before jumping on to the next bandwagon, let’s take a look at the top 5 funniest trends.

Best Memes of 2016

  1. Baba Ramdev
Baba Ramdev's photo on India Today turned into a Meme.
Baba Ramdev’s photo on India Today turned into a Meme.

Best known as the budding ‘Swadeshi’ entrepreneur of India, Baba Ramdev introduced a whole lot of Patanjali products in almost every category. In short, he gave the foreign brands a tough run for their money. Following the tale of his epic success, the India Today newsweekly featured him on the cover page. The Baba was photographed in a twisted yoga posture. It could be best described as Ramdev bending over with his rear up in the air, facing the cam with his head in between his legs (that sounds very painful, don’t even try it).

The internet went nuts on this one and hilarious memes floated for days!

  1. Tiger Shroff

We love Tiger for his larger-than-life kicks and splits. He’s our own ‘desi’ version of foreign Jackie Chan. Nevertheless, despite giving some sensation Bollywood hits, the poor chap became a subject of cruel memes. When you’re on the verge of depression, you can rely on Tiger’s antics for some fun.

Our favourite one was—

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These memes of Tiger Shroff posing are going to give you a good laugh.
These memes of Tiger Shroff’s poses are going to give you a good laugh.
  1. Sonam Gupta

Now this one was something original and we absolutely loved it. It became a trend when a heartbroken lover (who was apparently ditched) by his girlfriend Sonam Gupta vented out his frustration on a Rs. 10 note. As expected, the entire nation followed into his footsteps and a lot of notes were spotted with the epic punchline ‘Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai’.

They should, indeed!
They should, indeed!

While it may have cracked us up with laughter, poor ‘Sonams’ all over the country had a lot of explanation to do!

  1. Demonetisation

What started as a monumental fight against black money turned into a big joke for meme aficionados in India. Amidst the pros and cons of cashless society, ‘Bharat Bandh’ protests and ‘Jan Aakrosh Diwas’, Indian youngsters came up with some real jewels.

The year ended with some of the greatest jokes and puns on demonetisation.
The year ended with some of the greatest jokes and puns on demonetisation.
  1. Arvind Kejriwal

Now he’s one man, who never disappoints us with his antics. Even his name is enough to elicit a guffaw. At the beginning of this year, Delhi CM Kejriwal visited Goa for promoting his party. Needless to say, his trip produced a ‘floral’ result.

Kejriwal as 'garden'.
Kejriwal as ‘garden’.

So, these were the best memes of all time. Hope you liked them! Having said these, we’ve great expectations for the upcoming year. Let’s see, what the Indians come up with the next year!