Bhim, The Super Flexible And Powerful Drone Developed By IIT Techies

The power of Bhima, one of the pandvas is a source of inspiration for many. The power and ability of this fabled character is beyond eternity. But, despite of its ragged ancient duration, the Indian techies took it as pedestal inspiration and developed a super powerful drone. They even literally named it as “Bhim”. The drone is one metre in length and very unique as it does not need any man support.

Within 1 km. of its flying radius, Bhim can fabricate a Wi-Fi zone. The drone has 7 hours of battery back-up and can get into the war zone. While doing this, it can maintain a limitless communication network saving personnel, security forces and for common people.

The super-powerful drone is so sufficient that it can go under long flight hours without any hesitation and can also make available emergency supplies with the help of parachutes. Also, these will be quite helpful in conducting rescue operations in hard to reach areas. It will also act as an high time specialist in virtue checks on borders and detect any suspicious breaches.

This specially designed drone with a keen eye will be a specialist for the emergency situations. It will run on a vision based following and will detect, that how much an area is crowded. Also, it is capable enough to fly far from that area and reach at some safe place.

Sudip Mishra, who is faculty member of the CS and engineering department if IIT Kharagpur, says, “Such advanced built-in intelligence is not available in drones now. The design is completely in-house. The controlling and guiding algorithms of the drone have been developed in our lab”.

IIT – Kharagpur faculties took special care to keep the drone under-weight for its easy movements. Also, its economical price gets mingled into the one-fourth of the price range which is currently prevailing in the country. The massively powerful toy developed by the IITians was also manifested to Defence Research and Development Organisation.