Bollywood actress Neetu Singh turns 60; Know the secret behind her fitness

Neetu Singh is one of the gorgeous actresses of 70’s and 80’s era. She has worked in more than 50 films. Although she bid adieu Bollywood after getting married to co-star veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, her charming and bubbly looks are still memorable. She is mother of Riddhima Kapoor and heartthrob of nation Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor. The lady not only tactfully handles her home but also herself. On 8th July, Neetu Singh (Neetu Kapoor after marriage) will hit 60. It is amazing to see how she remains so fit and lively all the times. She inspires so many to stay healthy including her daughter Ridhima. On her 60th birthday, let’s know about her fitness regime.

The gorgeous actress loves to hit the gym to stay healthy. She says to stay active one should get oneself involved in physical activities even when you are not working out.

She says it important to keep your metabolic rate high. Hence, she does exercise to burn her calories and keep the metabolism high.

For her sweet cravings she prefers diet oat cookies and sugar-free chocolate. She believes in reducing the consumption of sweets but never banish them from your diet.

She cooks in very less amount of soil to stay healthy and fit. She doesn’t believe in the diet trends as they are completely unhealthy.

She loves to have homemade food. But, when she is out for a buffet party then she never eats. Rather she eats at home before leaving.

She also calls discipline is an important mantra to stay fit. Apart from that, she advised for a right trainer.



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