Bollywood Flops of 2016: Movies that Bombed Big Time on the Box Office

Today’s audience does not believe in clichés anymore. Family dramas, typical love stories, hero vs. villain fights do not interest them now. Even big star cast, bold scenes, ostentatious sets and superb songs fail to attract public attention if the storyline is poor. 2016’s Bollywood flops reveal that it’s not just the corporate studio, but the family-owned companies, as well, that require greater prudence to shifting tastes of the viewers.

This year saw 28 Bollywood flops so far, which is a disappointing number in itself. What’s more shocking is that some of these include biggies like Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Vidya Balan and Shahrukh Khan.

5 Bollywood Flops of 2015: You Certainly don’t want to See it!

  1. Fitoor
The Kapoors couldn't recreate the magic of Charles Dicken's wonderful novel 'Great Expectations'.
The Kapoors couldn’t recreate the magic of Charles Dicken’s wonderful novel ‘Great Expectations’.

Fitoor, starring Aditya Roy Kapoor and Katrina Khan was recorded as Disney India’s biggest follies of all time. The Kapoors couldn’t recreate the magic of Charles Dicken’s wonderful novel ‘Great Expectations’. Even Amit Trivedi’s soothing music, glittering star cast and breath-taking scenery of Kashmir couldn’t compensate for Kaif and Kapoor’s poor acting. Not even flop, the movie was a disappointing disaster for Katreena fans.

  1. Fan
Even 2 'Shahrukhs' couldn't attract the audience.
Even 2 ‘Shahrukhs’ couldn’t attract the audience.

After Dilwale and Happy New Year, we were sure that SRK’s name is big enough to make any crappy movie a big Bollywood blockbuster. Nevertheless, the king of Bollywood ran out of luck with this one. The Fan turned out to be the biggest disappointment of SRK’s glorious career in last one decade. The film could gross just Rs. 85 crores in the final tally.

  1. Bar Bar Dekho
BBD was biggest Bollywood flops of all time.
BBD was biggest Bollywood flops of all time.

Trust us, you don’t wanna see it even once! It seems that flops have found a permanent mark in Katreena’s Bollywood career. Her last five movies failed to set a standard for the box office. Also, we don’t know what went wrong with Siddharth Malhotra. He gave a sweet, sentimental and heart-touching performance in Kapoor and Sons, but BBD was just so disappointing. The only good part of the movie was the song ‘Kaala Chasma’. Sadly, the makers included it in the last. The end results were horrifying, as we know!

  1. Kya Kool Hain Hum
Balaji Telefilm's biggest failure!
Balaji Telefilm’s biggest failure!

We don’t even want to talk about this one! It seems that Ekta wanted to create a super adult comedy like American Pie, but all we got was a poor imitation of this sensational Hollywood series. After the grand opening of the first film in this series, the movie lost its lustre because of shabby acting, pathetic jokes and stupid punchlines. To top it, Ekta committed a blunder by releasing it in the same week as Akshay’s blockbuster Airlift. Needless to say, the audience totally rejected it

  1. Veerappan
The movie fared better in the South but failed to make its mark in mainstream bollywood.
The movie fared better in the South but failed to make its mark in mainstream bollywood.

Veerappan was Ram Gopal Varma’s last attempt (hopefully) to make a comeback. Despite well-collected facts and Sandeep Bharadwaj’s excellent performance, the movie wrapped up under Rs. 10 crore mark. The only consolation was that it received better reviews than Varma’s last few disastrous movies. Veerappan did average business in the South (owing to the fact that Veerappan was a well-known face there), but it failed to make an impact in mainstream Bollywood.

The sub-standard Bollywood flops and their underwhelming returns have scarred the audience forever. Knowing that even bigger celebrities couldn’t encash their presence on silver screen reminds us of William Goldman’s adage. “Nobody knows anything”. It’s applicable is the show business!