Catch PM Modi Live addressing the Nation at 10 AM today

PM Modi Live, 10 AM
File image of PM Narendra Modi
PM Modi Live, 10 AM
File image of PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the country at 10 pm on Friday. This is in the context of India, which has suffered more than a billion strokes to protect itself from the coronavirus.

The Prime Minister @narendramodi will address the country today at 10:00, “the Prime Minister’s Office said in a tweet on Friday morning.

India launched a vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in January this year. The government said Thursday that more than 31% of the eligible population had been fully vaccinated, but 75% had the first vaccination. According to the Ministry of Health, the first 100 million doses were given within 85 days and the last 100 million doses were given within 24 days. Since August 6, when India reached a dose of 500 million, it took only 76 days to pass a dose of 1 billion.

Several new vaccines are imminent while India develops covaxin and manufactures covishield. According to the latest update on the global development of coronavirus vaccines edited and maintained by WHO, 126 vaccines are in clinical development and 194 vaccines are in preclinical development.

Prime Minister Modi urged people to keep the coronavirus pandemic in mind for festivals like Deepavali, even with a record number of vaccines in India.



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