Central Armed Personnel Hacked Kareena Kapoor’s Income Tax Account

A die hard fan’s secretive conspiracies came to a halt when cyber police arrested him on Monday. This 26 year old man who is Central armed police personnel hacked Kareena Kapoor’s income tax account in September, last year. This North Indian dweller and official revealed that, the motive behind hacking the income tax account was to extract out her contact number from it, so that he could call her and talk. This person very well knew all nooks and corners of filling income tax returns online, as he used to help his colleagues to do so.

As mentioned by DCP Sachin Patil, BKC Cyber police has gripped the culprit and brought him to Mumbai yesterday. Since long the team was trying to get the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the culprit who hacked the IT account of Kareena Kapoor.
S Gaund, assistant police inspector, discovered that, the person used mobile phone to hack her account. He mentioned, “A mobile phone too has several IP addresses assigned to it. We had to figure out which phone had been allotted the IP address when the fraud took place”.

After scrubbing and shifting lots of data, the police took out the mobile number which was used by the person to hack the account. The officer mentioned it like, “When our team questioned him on Sunday, he confessed to have illegally got onto the IT account of the actress using her PAN no that he found online’. Further he added, “The accused, a central government official, also files IT returns for colleagues. He knew that in most cases when IT returns are filed, one gets the mobile number of the person in the receipt. He was hoping to get the mobile number of the actress by filing her returns so that he could talk to her once as he is a big fan of her.”

The person has been charged under bailable section and has been booked under the charges of impersonation and relevant parts of the Information Technology Act.