Demonetisation restores childhood for child labourers in Jaipur; a benison for deprived

Those little hands which have been working ever since their childhood started, have been victimised for they have been isolated and abstained to relish their life as a child and enjoy the little joys. How much would have they contributed to support their families financially, just as much have they lost their childhood nuances and jovialness. But thanks to Demonetisation. It has been an absolute saviour for 16 such childhood-deprived child labourers.

While the demonetisation has engendered a lot of hardships for the common man, created a deadlock in the Parliament, hampered buying at malls and shops, thereby plummeting trade practices. Amidst the entire after-math of Demonetisation, a class of society has been highly benefitted by the decision of mega cash-clean up. Demonetisation has proved to be a real boon for the child labourers in Jaipur.

Demonetisation has been nothing short of a blessing for the child labourers in bangles and gems and jewellery units in the Pink city. These deprived kids have lost their jobs, thereby returning to their native city of Bihar. Nevertheless, under the ambit of Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Act, 2016, these children have been rescued. Under the act, children of their age have been prohibited to work as labourers.


Small children have been disguised as labourers. This was unjustified as working at industries inhibited their growth and also eluded them from their childhood.

An NGO known by the name Antakshari Foundation curated the concept of ‘Railways Childline’, in collaboration with government’s initiative. “These sixteen children were rescued and they were handed over to child welfare committee for providing shelter and aid in reaching their respective homes as per the provisions mentioned under the law,” Reena Sharma, member, the Railways childline said.

Sharma reaffirmed that “At a time, two members — one male and the other female— remain vigilant at Jaipur railway station to rescue children on suspicion of child trafficking for child labour and other purposes. “We take help of Railways Protection Force (RPF) and government railway police for rescuing them.”

She further said, “We conduct counselling of children after the rescue. They told us that they had come to Jaipur to work in bangles, gems and jewellery units. But post demonetisation, work at the manufacturing was not much as it has reduced demand for the products in market drastically. Following that, owner of the units asked them to leave,” Sharma added.

Among those rescued, many children are living in child care homes. Others have been fortunately picked up by their parents and were taken back to their native places.