CM Vasundhara Raje Launches Scheme “Segregating Garbage at Source” for Waste Collection in Jaipur

Waste management and recycling is an enormous task for the government that requires scientific knowledge, logistical planning and great understanding of newer technologies to balance the impact on the environment. In a bid to transform waste into wealth, this world environment day, Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje launched a brand new scheme “Segregating garbage at source”. This environment-oriented drive aims at making Jaipur a clean city.

The new ‘segregating garbage at source’ drive involves door-to-door waste collection and classification of wet and dry garbage separately. Taking a step in this direction, Rajasthan Government distributed around 4,041 garbage bins in the city, as a part of the Municipal Solid Waste Rules. These dustbins will be kept in each municipality to receive waste from every household.

Green and Blue dustbins for safe Waste Disposal.
Green and Blue dustbins for safe Waste Disposal.

The Importance of Blue and Green Dustbins

The citizens are requested to dispose wet waste inside green dustbin and solid waste into blue dustbin. Some example of solid wastes include food wastes (wrappers, vegetable/fruit peels, food processing products, manure, yard wastes, plastics, metal items and polythene. List of liquid wastes include fertilizers, insecticides and pesticide solutions, urban runoff from untreated mining wastes, toxic and nontoxic organic and inorganic substances.

Addressing a congregation that assembled at CM residence in Jaipur, Raje reflected on the importance of safe waste disposal. “Proper disposal of waste is important for environment protection”, having said this, the CM requested the residents to throw municipal waste at appropriate location. Mixing wastes of different categories can result in toxic reactions that can have an adverse impact on the environment.

Raje distributing green and blue dustbins to people.
Raje distributing green and blue dustbins to people.

Unattended waste lying open on the road can result in air, water and land pollution, which is why it is important to segregate and dispose waste on time. Raje took this opportunity to propagate slogan “Swachh Jaipur-Swasth Jaipur, Swachh Rajasthan-Swasth Rajasthan” (Clean Jaipur, Healthy Jaipur, Clean Rajasthan, Healthy Rajasthan) to raise awareness among the public

The door-to-door garbage collecting vehicles present outside the CM residence displayed informative paintings on waste collection. CM Raje appreciated the paintings drawn on these vehicles that instructed residents to dump garbage in relevant bins.

Ashok Lahoti, the mayor of Jaipur shed some light on government’s objectives behind garbage segregation. The government intends to recycle dry waste whereas wet waste can be used for preparing compost.

With this, Rajasthan government is all set to tackle waste issue in the state.