COLDPLAY: Political intervention clearly unwanted

Chris Martin - Coldplay

The highly sensational rock band – Coldplay which has been to scheduled to perform today evening has observed a decline from Narendra Modi to appear as a guest at the show . If the top sources are to be believed , the band has been denied the permission to perform . The concert has been an ongoing story since 2015. This was the year in which Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was spotted in India along with Frieda Pinto,on behalf of the NGO Global Citizen .

However, it is unfortunate to hear that Congress had taken a dig on BJP for providing major concessions to the Coldplay in a bid to receive favourable votes in the next polls. Adding to this , the fire department is keeping a hold on all the permissions required to perform . After witnessing the possible upheavals,the Coldplay fans will not be amused  if Coldplay’s gig is postponed or cancelled .

The show is undoubtedly the talk of the country . This is due to its fairly high-priced tickets ranging from Rs.5000 to nearly Rs. 12000. There are a multitude of celebrities lined up to perform at the even tonight including Katrina Kaif , Ranveer  Singh  and alike . From what is being heard , Rapper Jay-Z is also scheduled to perform alongside.

Coldplay is not Coldplay when it doesn’t use its mandatory pyrotechnics in its performances. Special permission is still in the pipeline for Coldplay . The fire department is yet to check the safety nuances of using the pyrotechnics. So currently, there is a lot of conflict in the air .  While such huge contractions are being observed in the morning of the D-day  , the fate of Coldplay and its fans is perhaps very unpredictable in the current hour . Assuming a positive outcome tonight following all the collisions would be nothing less than deceiving yourself .



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