Congress IT Cell Exposed: IT-Coordinator Manoj Gurjar Arrested for Crude Oil Theft

Another crime added to the ongoing list of Congress scams! Congress Assistant IT Coordinator for Barmer unit was arrested for crude oil theft in oil wells yesterday. The culprit, identified as Manoj Gurjar, was allegedly arrested for illegally capturing crude oil from wells in Mangla Processing Terminal (MPT). Can’t say we’re surprised! Congress seems to have a long history of scams and scandals to its name. Earlier, it were big leaders involved in money laundering, now, even the employees seem to join their league.

After took Gurjar in their custody, he let out all the deep, dark secrets of his party. Many high-profile leaders including the factory owner Gautam Singh were involved in the illegal transport of oil from the wells. The accused charged Rs 10,000 per tanker from the factory owner- an important piece of information revealed by ASP Rameshwarlal Meghwal.

As of now, the police are trying to extort information from the owners of Mohangarh Construction Company and Narendra Road License. The absconding owners were among the prime suspect In this case. The mastermind behind this multi-billion theft, Bhoorsingh Rajpurohit has escaped the clutches of the law. Nevertheless, the police had taken 8 suspects on remand. Based on the information retrieved from the offenders, the police will try to locate Rajpurohit and other culprits who’ve links with this case. Their arrests would lead the police to other high-profile criminals.

As soon as the matter was reported to Cairn India (a vertical of Vedanta Ltd.), they suspended the license of Bons, BISL, Orion, JP Singal and several other companies involved in oil theft and smuggling. The companies were black-listed by the authorities. The case, like many others, exposes the deceptive nature of the so-called oldest party of the country. They can’t control thefts and crimes at their party-level, but they dream of winning the upcoming elections! Judging by the state of affairs in Congress, it’ll be really difficult for the party to secure its position in the upcoming elections!