Cool Car Gadgets To Add Extra Comfort to Your Road Trip

Car Gadgets

A road trip a month, makes the life going. And if that road trip is clubbed with some super-cool gadgets, then you get the whole of added comforts. Gadgets make our lives more easier than we can imagine. While on a road trip, it is inevitable for the drivers to face road rage issues because of some other people’s ill driving skills. In such conditions, we bring you a list of some ultra-cool gadgets to get you prepared for some on road glitches.

1. ABLEGRID HD Video Recorder Dash Cam

ABLEGRID HD Video Recorder Dash Cam

Dashcams are made to get you your part of memories while on your road trip. You don’t need to worry about involving into an mishap because they also come in handy. Also, in case of any kind of mishap, the camera can get you the recording of what exactly happened and who is responsible for that.

2. Trackr Bravo


Misplacing your car keys is a very common problem which sometimes proves to be vigorously time consuming. To avoid this, you can add a Trackr Bravo on the keychain to ensure that you always get to find your keys. They help you to locate your lost items with the help of their app, so you can get it attached on anything worthwhile.

3. Belkin Bluetooth Car Kit

Belkin Bluetooth Car Kit

Bluetooth is one luxury piece of technology for the cars, but if your car is still deprived of Bluetooth abilities then we have one handy and practical gadget for you. You can plug this with your phone and it works with your car’s aux port, so no hassle of finding for a FM channel. You can also make calls, so that you don’t have to grab your phone every time you need to answer a call or make a call.

4. Belkin Road Rockstar

Belkin Road Rockstar

This magic gadget allows 4 people to charge their phones simultaneously. It gives you a long 6-foot cable with which all people, whether sitting in front or back can get their phones charged. It is equipped with 4 USB ports, two of which are in front and a dock that gives power via two other USB ports.



Navigation devices are not only useful but becomes necessary for people who are weak with directions. We have mentioned TOMTOM START-25, because, it is probably one of the most affordable and capable navigation device coming in the market. It comes with a good 5-inches screen and works on an Indian satellite which makes it more user friendly.

With these handy and practical gadgets, your road trip will give the memories of only leisure and fun, eliminating all unwanted fuss out of it.



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