Dalits’ protest turns violent as Delhi Temple Demolition Sparks Clashes

Dalit protest turns violent
Dalit protest turns violent

Dalit’s organizations protested against the demolition of a temple of Guru Ravidas in the forests of Tughlakabad and on Monday morning the police arrested over 50 people, including Chandrashekhar Azad, head of Bhim Army.

Chinmoy Biswal, DCP (Southeastern) said that there could be more arrests, as a result of the conflict between the protestors and the police, several police staff monitored this. He also said that at around 7:30 p.m. there was unrest in the mob at Ravidas Marg despite the police’s persuasion and call for peace and the beginning of the fire and attacks against policemen.

The police have been injured in some cases. No public injury. Some members of the mob have been detained and verified, appropriate legal actions have been taken in this matter, he said. “A case has been registered in the matter.” “The police have to use mild and reasonable force to spread the mob. There have been injuries in the incident.

Police stated that the protesters turned violent and they even stuck and attacked with stones. They said that the unruly mob had to be dispersed with mild and sensible force. Some police officers suffered injuries. Some of the riotous crowd were arrested. There are suitable legal actions on this issue. This was reported by Biswal, adding that the region has been implemented by more than 800 officers. Sources indicated that the demonstrators also vandalized and set fire to a few cars. Following the violence, sources added, the road to the temple was blocked.



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