Dangal Movie Official Trailer Released

Dangal 2016 Official Trailer is Out!

“Bohat ho gai Pahalwaani, ab Dangal hoga” ….

The moment we all have been anxiously waiting for has finally arrived. Superstar Aamir once sweeps us off the floor with the new Dangal trailer that relays the journey of a common man, a hopeful athlete, a father, but above all, an Indian who looks forward to earning glory for his country in the form of Gold.

Dangal 2016 official trailer is available all over the internet in all pomp and glory. As the video starts, we get a glimpse of shattered dreams and hopes of Mahavir Singh, an Indian wrestler, who quits wrestling in melancholy with unfinished dream of winning a gold medal for India at International Wrestling Championship. His desire of seeing his country’s flag flying high in air “Apna tiranga sabse upar lehrawega“, remains incomplete.

Nevertheless, he’s hopeful that one day, his son would fulfil his dreams,

Dangal Trailer

“Har khiladi ki tarah mera bhi sapna tha, desh ke liye gold medal lane ka, jo main karna chahta tha, mhaara beta kar ke dikhawega”.

Mahavir anxiously awaits the birth of a son in his family, but eventually gives up after the birth of his fourth daughter. His wife is disappointed as she couldn’t fulfil her husband’s wife. Although the couple deeply loves their daughters yet, like every average Indian, they have their desires attached with the mail heir Mera jo sapna hai, wo sirf chhora hi poora kar sake hai“.

As their days pass in distress, an incident changes the life of the entire family. When his young daughters Geeta and Babeeta, end up beating 2 notorious guys in the village who abused them, Mahavir is surprised to see boy’s subjugated state. The incident makes him wonder,

“Main humesha ye soch ke rota reya ki chhora hoga toh desh k liye Gold lawega,
Yo baat manne samajh na aai ki Gold toh Gold hota hai, chhora lawe ya chhori”…

And thus, a new journey begins of the father-daughter trio. We are taken through muddy trails, village congregations and dirty wrestling grounds to international arena, where we see the grown up Geeta-Babeeta fighting in macho style. Mahavir put in his best efforts to prepare his daughters for the match Medalists ped pe nahi ugte, unhe banana padta hai, pyaar se, mehnat se, lagan se.

He has great hopes for his daughter “Mhaari betiyan kya kisi chhore se kam hain.

In the process of  completing his own dreams, he pins hard decisions on the girls, Har wo cheez jo pahalwani se unka dhyaan hatawegi, main usne hata dunga. It makes us think- is becoming engineer, doctor or an international athlete the only definition to success? Why do parents forget that their kids have ambitions of their own?

The trailer leaves us in a state of bewilderment, with many unanswered questions. Will Geeta and Babeeta finally get gold? Will Mahavir realize that he has been pushing his daughters beyond their limit? Will the sisters rebel against their father to fulfil their own dream?

We do comprehend that one of his daughter wins laurels for the country, but at what cost? With Dangal, Aamir once again attracts our attention towards the pitiable condition of sports in India, besides cricket. He makes us realize how hard athletes work for their victory while the public that comfortably sits at home, criticizes them for losing an important match.

As the trailer ends, it highlights two important issues existing in India- parents forcing their decisions on children and the society discriminating against women.  Most of all, it sends a strong message across; we shouldn’t underestimate girl child or discourage them, for it were the women who saved India’s grace at RIO Olympics 2016. The public is already going gaga over Dangal’s trailer. We all are looking forward to the movie release. Thumbs up to Aamir for getting us philosophical, excited and anxious.

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