Multi-emotions provoking movie ‘Dear Zindagi’ released : A must watch!

Shah Rukh Khan is seen as impeccable as ever.

The movie Dear Zindagi is all about embracing and enjoying the small things in life. This gives us a big reason to watch the movie . Dear Zindagi is a movie which embodies self-love . It aims to ingrain the necessity of a positive life.

In this time and age , we tend to skip happiness .We rather embrace stress , tensions, hatred and anger. There is a dearth of compassion and inner-peace with a majority of people. Several times, we limit our energies and instincts for no solid reason . This leads to excessive bottling up of emotions, negative thoughts. It overshadows self efficacy engendering lack of confidence among other things. This spectacular flick just brings about these emotions through beautifully created scenes coupled with flawless acting.

Dear Zindagi is a star studded movie starring ‘Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt, Kunal Kapoor, Angad Bedi, Ali Zafar . Kaira (Alia) is an aesthetic cinematographer who is unconventional . She looks at life and its nuances from a different angle altogether. Dr Jehangir Khan (Shah Rukh) makes a much-awaited entry. He plays the character of a top-notch therapist, who helps Kaira rescue from the dilemma she feels she has landed in. Khan undoubtedly comes as  a respite for the girl .

Alia Bhatt(Kaira) sharing the frame with Kunal(Raghuvendra).
Alia Bhatt(Kaira) sharing the frame with Kunal(Raghuvendra).

The protagonist played by Alia bhatt hops onto various characters in the film .  Starting from Raghuvendra (Kunal) to Sid (Angad) and later to Rumi (Ali). Alia has again proved her grit with her incredible acting skills. Portraying an ultra- generalised , next window girl dealing with her life as she grows up. Hitting the right chord with the audience and with enormous amount of effortless , indeed. Well done , Alia. Audience was in awe of the actor and her appearances. Shah Rukh Khan fans too had a meaningful watch time. His trademark outstretched arms makes one and all go Gaga(all over again! ).

However, the first half of the film doesn’t render any major meaning . Major takeaways arise in the second half and satisfies your quest. There are funny and witty one-liners in the script. In today’s fast-paced urban life, there are numerous analogies to describe the everyday shackles of life. To some , you may smile , chuckle , introspect(only for a moment , though!), and to some , you would be forced to cry . There are deep-thought scenes with accurate chronology  and flawless visualisation .

Alia and Shah Rukh strolling around discussing ife and its nuances.
Alia and Shah Rukh stroll around beautiful spots while discussing life .

If you are looking for some quick relief from the fast – fleeting life , this is a movie you have always been waiting for . This is undoubtedly a worth-watching movie. Regardless of who you go with, you would be in a position to savour every minute of the movie.   You may go ahead and book tickets for yourself(without a second thought). Clearly a life-provoking movie!



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