Death gift from Anandpal to Nanuram: Ghastliest death on the planet. Know details!

Anandpal – a serial killer who had swept the criminal world died on June 24, 2017, in between cross firing between police and him. His death was an end to the Raees era. His death not only marks an end of the ruthless killer but also an inhumane criminal.

One of the most dreaded murder incidents which had created Anandpal’s fear among the civilians is the Nanu Ram murder case. If you are weak hearted, do not read further…

Nanuram Jat murder case

The Nanu Ram Jat was killed in a barbaric incident manifested by the mega Gangster who has been accused of a double dozen murder cases.  Anandpal joined hands with Bhagwan Singh to kill Nanu Ram in perhaps the most ghastly death on the planet.

A woman who had run away with Nanu Ram attended a party which also had Bhagwan Singh in presence. Singh indulged in eve-teasing the woman at the party, who later informed this to Nanu Ram. This infuriated Nanu Ram who collected his men and flocked to Bhagwan Singh’s residence.

Nanuram and Bhagwan Singh: A cold battle

The frightening fight between Nanu Ram and Bhagwan Singh ended up killing Bhagwan Singh’s father who was also present at the residence at that point in time. Bhagwan wanted to retaliate for his father’s death and hence he shook hands with Anandpal who agreed to support him.

This is not all. Nanu Ram finds another supporter who is keen on abandoning Anandpal. The new man in the story is Jagannath Burdak, who wanted to kill Anandpal so he could eliminate competition from the then upcoming MLA’s election, in which Anandpal was prepping to compete too. This information about Nanuram and Burdak’s plan came to Anandpal’s knowledge via his sources.

Anandpal hunts Nanuram

Back in 2004, Sanjay Pandey informed Anandpal that Nanu Ram was at the Kishangarh railway station. Anandpal along with this allies Bhagwan Singh, Dashrath Singh and another killer named Bhaya found Nanuram at the station and brought him to Bhagwan Singh’s residence in Rasheedpura.

Nanuram was thrashed and beaten up severely in front of women and children. After beating him up, the Anandpal gang tied him to a ceiling fan and roped in his arms and legs. The gang then cut Nanuram’s neck with a sword. His neck didn’t come off completely in the first go. Had the gang been a little compassionate, they would have left Nanu on his own terms there. But no, they went on to thrash Nanu’s  neck with a sword, for the second time, all over again.

Nanu’s body parts were hammered and broken to bits and pieces. These pieces were then dipped into acid which destroyed his body parts completely. This ensured that there was no way to revive or cremate Nanu’s body. The destruction of Nanu’s body in acid wasn’t the full stop. The irate gang irrationally continued as they powdered his body parts and brought the body to the least tangible form.

This resulted in an irreversible end to Nanuram who was subjected to the ghastliest death incident on the planet. The end of Anandpal means a happy end to such barbaric incidents in the future.