Deaths due to China coronavirus rises to 41, more than 1,300 infected across the globe

Corona virus, wuhan
Corona Virus has started to become a global issue
Corona virus, wuhan
Corona Virus has started to become a global issue

China yesterday confirmed that the death toll due to Coronavirus spread across the China has risen from 23 to 41 and across the globe this virus has infected over 1300 people. This increase in the infected people number has put world authorities on high alert who are looking to prevent any kind of global pandemic.

According to a report of National Health Commission, total number of confirmed cases in China now stands at 1,287. All the deaths have occurred in the Wuhan district which was the epicenter of this virus outbreak. China is making all the necessary efforts to contain the virus to this place only but it is proving very difficult at the moment.

High number of the cases and all of the confirmed deaths have been in China, but the virus has also been detected in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Nepal, France and the United States.

Human-to-human transmission has been observed in the virus, which health authorities believe to have originated in a market in Wuhan that traded illegally in wildlife.

WHO declared latest coronavirus as a “Emergency in China” but are taking their time to declare it as a Worldwide concern. But the virus keeps on spreading in different parts of the world as a case was registered in France yesterday which confirms that this virus has made its way to Europe also.

Wuhan has population of around 11 million and it has been placed in state of complete isolation as all the flights at the Wuhan airport has been cancelled and the checkpoints leading to the city has been blocked.

As Wuhan has been placed in state of complete isolation, pharmacies have begun to run out of supplies and hospitals have been flooded with nervous residents. The city is rushing to build a 1,000-bed hospital by Monday, state media said.

Hubei’s health authority said on Saturday there were 658 patients affected by the virus in medical care, 57 of whom were critically ill.



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