Delhi Odd Even Formula to be Imposed Again owing to Toxic Smog

Delhi Odd Even Formula to return because of Smog

The Delhi Odd Even formula, which was earlier adopted by the national capital owing to the rising pollution, is all set to return with the third round. After the air quality was found to be in the ‘severe’ category, the government decided to bring back the odd-even traffic restriction.

Delhi Odd-Even Rule Details

The odd even rule will be imposed for 5 days starting from November 13 till November 17. During this time, the private commercial vehicles ending with odd and even registration numbers will be allowed to transit on alternate days. The timings are from 8 am to 8 pm and anybody violating the rule will have to pay a fine of INR 2,000.

The decision has been taken after the National Green Tribunal (NGT) put a ban on the construction and industrial activities in Delhi NCR till November 14.

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Delhi Odd Even Exemptions

Much like the previous time, a lot of people and category of vehicles have been exempted from the rule. These include vehicles belonging to the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Union Ministers, Chief Ministers of States (except Delhi CM) and the likes. Other exemptions include vehicles carrying school children or disabled individuals, CNG, women-only vehicles, as well as those bearing yellow number plates.

In order to be allowed the privilege of a CNG vehicle, the CNG stickers must be in place. These can be availed at 23 Indraprasth Gas Ltd (IGL) gas stations across Delhi from Friday i.e. today, from 2 pm onwards.

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Delhi Odd Even Effect on Road

It’s been estimated that almost 1.3 million vehicles will be kept off the road during the odd-even plan. However, due to the difficulty posed by the traffic last time, High Court has directed to implement the rule for a short-term. Hence it will be practiced for just 5 days.

In order to manage the traffic, the Delhi Transport Corporation will arrange 500 private buses. Also, 100 minibusses will be provided by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. In addition, app-based services like Ola and Uber have been instructed not to go on surge pricing during the rollout. Besides, metros will be made more frequent and will run on reduced fares.

How dangerous is the smog?

As per the reports, the air quality index is at 486 whereby the emergency level is 500. So clearly the situation is alarming enough and has put the public health at stake. The current ultrafine particulates present in the air can enter the respiratory system of the humans and animals, putting them in harm.

The doctors have even suggested people in Delhi not to step out of their homes without a mask. The smog has become toxic and the situation is believed to worsen with every passing day.



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