Diversified Investments is the way ahead for showering profits and prosperous life ahead

Finances are better if diversified. Management of finances by bifurcating funds is the most effective means of ensuring greater profits by reducing the uncertainty of markets and other governmental factors.

If you are troubled with the disruptive markets reigning in today’s volatile times or plunging returns in your stock, diversification is the key. Here are a few quick tips for polishing your financial portfolio and living a stress-free life thereafter:

Make investments in stock market

Sensex has reaped a massive return of 9x times in the last two years. It is about time that we get invested in the stock market and become a part of India’s growth story. From infra stocks to logistics companies, stock markets always give you a wide choice. It’s all about giving it a try and earning a shower of profits.

Note: Try to look for multi-baggers which will multiply your net worth BY NOT less than 20 times. Nothing like it but let me tell you the sky is the limit in the stock market.

Mutual Funds Sahi hai ya Galat

If you cannot handle the pressure of a stock plunging down or you can’t decide the right stock, Mutual Fund is the way ahead. Mutual Fund is another way of starting your stock market journey.

A Mutual Fund places your hard-earned money into different sectors and, thus spreads the risk of losses. All it takes is a meagre fee which the mutual fund manager charges (usually 1-2% of the amount).

Public Provident Fund

Thinking about saving your earnings from tax? PPF is the best way of averting your earnings from the tax clutches. It is backed by Government of India and offers a very attractive rate of interest, which is invariably exempt from being taxed.

Commodities Calling

This is another major source of earnings for major market players. From buying gold to onions, silver to maize, commodities can be bought through brokers, just the shares are bought.

Venture into Venture Capital

It is the amount you provide to small and new businesses which then provide huge returns after their growth kick starts. This is not only about money but also providing consistent support to conduct the business.

Here are the many ways of investing your money for a secured future and lucrative profitability. What’s more? If you diversify your funds across these various platforms, you are more likely to earn greater profits than from simply getting an FD or stashing that money in the locker.