Donald Trump proposes ‘no extension to H-1B visa, a threat to Indian professionals

H-1B visa

There is worrisome news that Indian professionals will not be able to able to stay in US for long. A proposal came to prevent the extension of H-1B visa. It will undoubtedly affect the Indians working in US. This proposal is outcome of President Donald Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” initiative.

This new proposal aims to impose new restrictions to prevent abuse and misuse of H-1B visas. There are also guidelines for the definition of visa-dependent companies in terms of minimum salary and movement of talent in order to restrict the number of people coming to the US to work.

Further, the Bill places the onus on clients that they will certify that the visa holder is not displacing an existing employee for a tenure of 5-6 years. It is serious concern that Software body Nasscom has discussed with Senators, Congressmen and the administration.

H-1B visa
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What is H-1B visa?
For working in US, H-1B visa is required. It is an employment-based and non-immigrant visa that allows the US companies to recruit foreign workers. The H-1B programme permits visa to people of technology sector, architects, professors and even fashion models.

Current status of H-1B visas
Every year, US permits 85,000 new H-1B visas that allow recipient to stay up to six years. As the demand for H-1B visa seekers is high so US government tops this up with an annual lottery. Approximately 70 per cent of these visas go to Indians. American workers criticize this policy of H-1B visas and claim to lose their jobs due to foreign workers.

In the beginning of this year, Trump administration issued stern warning to companies against discriminating US workers by over-hiring H-1B visa holders.



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