Easter Day 2018; Know the date and Significance of the day

People are rejoicing that April 1 is Easter Day. Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving are celebrated on specific dates while Easter and Good Friday change every year. Basically, Easter falls in month of March or April according to Georgian calendar. Easter is one of the most prominent days for Christians all over the world and it is celebrated on Sunday. Easter day symbolizes as the resurrection of Jesus Christ who rose from the dead.

Easter Day
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Know the story behind this Festival
As per Holy Bible, Jesus Christ was crucified and buried in a grave. The day of the crucifixion is called Good Friday. When his disciples visited his grave on third day, they found the stone rolled away and the grave empty. On Easter day, there is popular proclamation that ‘he is risen.’

Significance of Easter
Talking about significance of Easter, it is considered as the victory of Christ over death. The process of resurrection symbolizes a promise of eternal life for those who believe in.

Easter Day
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