Emitra Centers: Making Life Easy for A Common Man in Rajasthan

Long queue at the electricity office? Pay your bills online! Visit the nearest eMitra centre in Rajasthan to avail the benefits of e-governance…

Distance doesn’t matter in today’s competitive era. Despite visible geographical barriers, technology is what brings people closer and makes their life more comfortable. Despite being the second most populated country in the world, India is far behind in terms of technology usage, especially Rajasthan—the second largest state in India. In a bid to promote digital technology, the government of Rajasthan decided to revolutionize the paralyzed government system, reliant on papers and file records. In 2004, Rajasthan government, led by chief minister Vasundhara Raje, laid the foundation of Emitra centers in Rajasthan.

Effective and quick delivery of government services to citizens in remote regions of Rajasthan was the basic idea behind Emitras. Based on the principle of E-governance, the centers aimed at connecting all 33 districts in Rajasthan. With these centers, the government made an attempt to bridge gaps between urban and rural Rajasthan. Initially, the project was launched at a small scale. 6000 Emitra centers were established all over the state.

Within a decade, the number rose to 45,000 in Rajasthan alone! Today, the desert state of India makes up 25% of the total Emitra Kendra in the country. It’s not just the numbers; eMitras are fast expanding in terms of service quality, as well! Three years back, these fully-digitized centers delivered 50 services. At present, 250 B2C and G2C services have been added to this network. More than 70 departments are interconnected via emitra network, which turned out to be India’s biggest digital network.

Whether you want to verify an error in Gram Panchayat record, apply for citizenship, birth/death certificate or pay your college fee, you can easily do it at the nearest eMitra Kendra. Not only this, you can look for government job opportunities, transfer money to your friends, get a new electricity connection, calculate your house tax and get enrollment in a college!

eMitra centers have made life easier for a common man! If you’re tech-savvy, you can sign up on the official website of eMitra. As for government offices, it’s essential to update the new rate list on the website. As per officers, around 60 to 70 lakh transactions take place on these digital centers. Seeing the overwhelming response of this government scheme, Raje government is likely to improve its quality and add more perks to it in future!

EMitras have turned out to be the largest success of Rajasthan government till date!