Ethanol Pumps Will Be Installed Across India Soon: Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari, Ethanol Pumps
Nitin Gadkari has claimed to install Ethanol Pumps across India by 2022
Nitin Gadkari, Ethanol Pumps
Nitin Gadkari has claimed to install Ethanol Pumps across India by 2022

Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, said on Friday that the day may not be far when all bikes, auto-rickshaws, and cars in the country will run entirely on ethanol.

Gadkari said at the start of a week-long agro-exhibition in Nagpur on Friday that ethanol pumps would be installed in various locations soon. “We will soon see ethanol pumps installed at various locations,” the minister said.

“Toyota has put on display its 100% ethanol-powered car at the expo, and other brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Hyundai, and Maruti Suzuki are expected to launch their bio-fuel models of cars soon,” he said.

Gadkari argued that green fuel would be a cheaper, cleaner, and more cost-effective alternative to diesel.

“My goal is to encourage Indians to produce biofuel in India.” “We are encouraging the ethanol industry from sugarcane juice, molasses, rice, corn, and food grain,” he said, adding, “We aim to promote Swadeshi (indigenous), which is important for the country.”

“Our plan is to diversify agriculture toward the energy and power sectors,” Gadkari said. The future is 100% electric, ethanol, and green hydrogen, and we are working on it. I believe the overall picture will change in two years.”

He stated that a bio-CNG plant in the Vidarbha region will be operational in a few months and urged other regions to follow suit. Gadkari stated that the union public undertaking Indian Oil Corporation has established a plant in Panipat, Haryana, to produce one lakh litres of ethanol per day as well as 150 tonnes of bio-bitumen on a daily basis.

Rice straw would be used to produce both ethanol and bitumen.

“With the bio-bitumen plant, farmers will contribute to road construction.” Indian Oil will also produce ethanol from bamboo. It will also help to reduce pollution caused by extensive stubble burning in Delhi,” the union minister said.

Gadkari stated that he signed an order on Thursday requiring union government organisations to scrap their vehicles after 15 years. This would apply even to central government enterprises.