Ex Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shot during a rally, condition critical

Ex Japan PM, Shinzo Abe
Former Japan PM Shinzo Abe shot during a rally, showing no vital signs
Ex Japan PM, Shinzo Abe
Former Japan PM Shinzo Abe shot during a rally, showing no vital signs

According to local media outlet NHK, former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was the target of gunfire on Friday in Nara. According to Japanese media cited by news agency AFP, the 67-year-old former world leader is not exhibiting any vital signs after being transported to the hospital.

According to the report, a suspect was apprehended at the scene and is currently being questioned.

According to Reuters, the nation’s chief cabinet secretary is scheduled to address the media at roughly 0400 GMT (9.30 am IST).

“Abe Shinzo, a former Japanese prime minister, passed out during a speech in the western Japanese city of Nara. According to early accounts, he might have been hurt. NHK reporter on the scene heard what sounded like a gunshot and seen Abe bleeding, according to a warning from the agency.

The former world leader is unconscious and appears to be in cardiac respiratory arrest, according to Kyodo, a Japanese media outlet.

Around 11.30 am, the incident happened (8.30 am IST). Prior to Sunday’s election, Abe was reportedly shot while giving a speech on the street. According to police sources cited by NHK, Abe was most likely struck from behind by shotgun fire.

At that moment, a gunshot could be heard. Two successive booms, according to an NHK reporter on the spot, were heard during Abe’s speech. Videos and photographs taken show his security guards racing to his rescue.

Abe, who comes from a political dynasty, gained notoriety as the PM with the most days in office consecutively before announcing his intention to resign in 2020 due to a recurrence of a serious ailment. He had a good connection to India and had been there in 2006, 2014, 2015, and 2017.