New Facebook Feature to allow sharing of Native posts to WhatsApp

As per the latest reports, Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow the sharing of Facebook posts to WhatsApp. Although no official confirmation has been made by either Facebook or WhatsApp, some beta users have claimed that they received the new feature on their Facebook App.

As of now, users can just share a Facebook post instantly or with a caption along with the link. However, with the new feature, the user will have three options namely ‘Share Now’, ‘Write Post’, and Send in WhatsApp. After choosing the ‘Send in WhatsApp feature’, a link will be generated which the user will be able to share it to any WhatsApp contacts.

The new feature ‘Send in WhatsApp’ is reportedly similar to the WhatsApp share button that is found in almost all websites. The prime target of this feature will be the business users as it will allow the Facebook’s Marketplace to be shared on WhatsApp, thereby enabling a wider reach.

Talking about the business users, both Facebook and WhatsApp are planning to introduce a bunch of new features to help the businesses increase their reach. Like for Android, WhatsApp is going to introduce chat filters that will enable the admins of business account groups to search the messages easily.

The ‘Chat Filters’ option will segregate the group users in Unread Chats, Groups, and Broadcast categories. The admin can get access to all the filters by tapping on the search box. This feature is quite similar to the action button on Instagram that helps the businesses to bring prioritized chats directly to the inbox. It’s quite helpful for businesses for a better and timely communication to the potential customers and provide them better service.