Facebook Taking Important Measures to Fight Faux News Articles

Lately, users are throwing sheer disapproval on Facebook for letting people post fake news posts. During the presidential elections of US, droves of unauthorized news got published on Facebook. In order to make the Facebook posts more authentic, the company has decided to take adamant decisions in this measure.

Though, earlier the company clarified itself, by saying that, they are tech company and should not be blamed for the publishing of the content, because they are not publishers. After the election passed, Mark Zuckerberg added that putting the Facebook’s fake news articles on centre of discussion for making Donald trump win the election is a “crazy idea”.

On this Friday, he confirmed that the team is working on the issue of faux news, but because of the complexity of the problem, it is taking unexpectedly long time.

Zuckerberg added, “while the percentage of misinformation is relatively small, we have much more work ahead on our roadmap”.

But, with keeping the safety in mind, Facebook does not want to guard the freedom of sharing of opinions by its users. Zuckerberg explained that, ” We do not want to be arbiters of truth ourselves, but instead rely on our community and trusted third parties”.

Earlier this year, the company went through a criticizing clamour from people for removing a picture from Vietnam War, because of the nudity issues. the faux news which got circulated during the US elections was the news about Trump getting endorsed by Pope Francis. Also, there was news that, a federal agent was seen dead while investigating Hillary Clinton, the Democratic prospect.

Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that, Facebook may work with media journalists and verification organisations to check the suspicious posts. This way, the company is putting all efforts to prevent any sort of invalid news appearing on the Facebook page.